Coronavirus COVID-19  – Patient safety come first at Reydon Street Medical Centre

We have implemented a number of strategies to help reduce the spread if  the virus and keep our patients safe:

  1. We provide phone or video consultations in the first instance when requested  by patients or if they have risk symptoms. By using TELEHEALTH consultations (many of which may attract a Medicare rebate) we aim to reduce infection risk to all our patients and staff.
  2. We encourage patients to  BOOK ONLINE or PHONE AHEAD rather than just walking-in so we can carry out the necessary questioning to help book the correct appointment type and ensure they are not at risk.
  3. Encouraging people who arrive early for appointments to wait in their cars (or our garden) until their appointment time.
  4. Improved physical distancing in the  waiting areas and consulting rooms
  5. Increased frequency of cleaning of  touched surfaces
  6. Changed furniture to make it easier to clean

Attending your Face to Face appointment

If you need to attend the clinic for an examination, we kindly ask you:

  • Bring your own face mask to wear if you wish (or are required) to wear one 
  • Sanitise your hands on arrival (We use locally made  80% ethanol hand sanitiser)
  • Come to your appointment alone if possible, and ask others wait outside (in the car).
  • Only bring children who are being examined by the doctor
  • Only bring other family members who are required to help you mobilise safely or are their carer.
  • Remain in your car in the street until the doctor is ready to see and examine you

For some higher risk patient or when required by Queensland Health, we may ask some patients to:

  • Wear a mask before they attend the clinic.
  • Park in the ambulance bay or rear carpark – where the doctor will examine them in their car, OR
  • Follow the dots down the drive to be seen in the tent under the rear of the building. The dots are 2 metres apart so stay on these to maintain social distancing if there is a queue.

Telephone and Video consultations (Telehealth) 

To support our patients, we now Bulk Bill Patients  where required fir Medicare-eligible telephone or video consultations (Telehealth), All other patients can choose a Private Fee  telephone or video consultation. Even if you are well, these increase the convenience of being able to speak to  your regular family GP without needing to take time off work or  find a baby sitter for the children. BOOK A TELEPHONE OR VIDEO CONSULTATION (TELEHEALTH) HERE

Private Telephone ConsultationsFor other patients who do not meet Medicare criteria a private consultation with one of our GPs can be arranged (private-fee with or without a Medicare rebate depending on the situation –  see the Book OnLine section to se if you are  eligible for Medicare  assistance).

By reducing the number of patients at higher risk of having the virus, and the time they spend, in the waiting room we hope to reduce the chance of infecting other patients. In addition, BOOKING ONLINE or PHONING AHEAD will help us direct patients to the most appropriate place for their care, as well as reducing the risk of transmission to other patients and health care staff.  In some instances, after a telephone discussion with the doctor,  if a patient is well  it may not be necessary for them to come see the doctor, and for them to be referred to the pathology provider for swabs to be taken.