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Vaccination updates: Reydon Street Medical Centre successfully ran its first COVID-19 Vaccine sessions, and influenza jabs are well underway

On Saturday 17 April 2021 we started COVID-19 vaccinations for our Phase 1B patients. We have more sessions planned over the next few weeks, and more will be added as fresh stocks of vaccines arrive. We also have appointments available where people want to discuss vaccination questions. We are also running dedicated fast flowing immunisation…

Brisbane Lockdown is ending at noon….We are grateful to everyone for helping reduce the risks to other patients and staff over that week or so.

We are grateful to everyone for helping reduce the risks to other patients and staff over that week or so. We thank all our patients who have: used telephone consultations because of symptomsused telephone consultations to avoid unnecessary movements around Brisbaneor simply worn a mask and sanitised their hands. Here’s how you can still help…

Queensland Health: Advice for people in Queensland who have recently travelled to Victoria or NSW

Queensland Health have stated It ” is actively monitoring evolving situations in both New South Wales and Victoria (see Interstate updates below). Anyone in Queensland who has been in Victoria since 5 February who attended venues at specified times and dates attended by a positive case should get tested immediately, isolate for 14 days and…

3-day lockdown for Greater Brisbane

We are moving back to telephone consultations as the first point of contact for all patients for the period of the lock down. We can help patients access testing, and many simple problems by telephone without the need for a face to face consultation. After an intial assessment by telephone, we may be able to…

Coronavirus Hotspot precautions – 23 December 2020

Queensland Health designated hotspots 23 December 2020 We still need to be mindful  of the risk of  infections  and the following groups should book a telephone consultation instead of a face to face appointment in the first instance Patients who have: fever, cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath OR contact with someone diagnosed with or…

Did you know 103 Australians die from bowel cancer every week?

Australia has one of the highest rates of bowel cancer in the world with around 17,000 Australians being diagnosed each year.     The risk of developing bowel cancer rises sharply from age 50, but Australians under the age of 50 being diagnosed with bowel cancer has been increasing steadily. Therefore, knowing the symptoms of…

Decembeard is here!

Bowel Cancer Australia’s Decembeard fundraiser encourages everyone to get hairy while raising awareness and funds to help beat bowel cancer.   Beards aren’t just for hipsters, grandpas, men that ride motorbikes or people that are too lazy to shave. Anyone can help make real change happen. This December you can be involved by growing a…

Do you have a ongoing condition and want to stay healthy as long as possible? If you do, read on… If not, please share this with a loved one or friend who does.

Proactive management of chronic, ongoing conditions has never been more important. We published a recent post to remind patients to ensure they attend to routine cancer checks, like breast, mammography, skin and melanoma and colorectal cancer. Today, we are reminding people to keep on track with paying attention to all aspects of their health. We…