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Do you have a ongoing condition and want to stay healthy as long as possible? If you do, read on… If not, please share this with a loved one or friend who does.

Proactive management of chronic, ongoing conditions has never been more important. We published a recent post to remind patients to ensure they attend to routine cancer checks, like breast, mammography, skin and melanoma and colorectal cancer. Today, we are reminding people to keep on track with paying attention to all aspects of their health. We…

Time to see you GP and get a health check

Jenny Morrison the Prime Minister’s wife has sent a message to all Australians, and women in particular not to put off seeing their GP. At Reydon Street, we are aware that patients are putting off routine preventative care like skin checks and breast screening. We have also noticed a decline in patients attending to routine…

National Diabetes Week starts next week

Did you know: Diabetes causes heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, limb amputation, depression and blindness? 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 people with diabetes do not know they have it? For women, having Gestational Diabetes in pregnancy is a significant risk factor for later diabetes (1 in 4) ? A simple blood test can…

We value your peace of mind and your safety – TeleHealth @ Reydon Street Medical Centre

To offer  peace of  mind and safety for our patients telephone or video consultations (TELEHEALTH) are our first contact with patients rather than face-to-face consultations. Continuity of care is important to us, and we are in the perfect position to continue to serve our existing and new patients safely through innovative changes  to service delivery…

ALERT: Influenza Immunsations

Flu is the leading cause of hospitalisation for kids under five. Vaccination every year is the best protection. Us kids are great at spreading germs. Hand washing, covering coughs and the annual flu vaccine is the best way to stop the spread and don’t forget to keep us home when we’re sick Parents – Keep…

The Biggest Morning Tea Thursday 28 May 2020

There are many reasons to get involved with the Cancer Council’s annual Biggest Morning Tea next Thursday. This year it is more than just a day to raise donations to help fund Cancer Council’s life-saving research, prevention, support programs and information. In a time when we are all missing social contact and the stresses of…