Skin Cancer Treatments

Dr Colbrook and Dr Wakefield manage many skin cancer treatments here in the Reydon Street Medical Centre procedure room without the need for referral.

Some skin cancers and pre-cancerous lesions are suitable for treatment by freezing or electro-surgery and curettage (“burn and scrape”), or using of special creams.

When skin cancers or melanomas need surgical excision, the wound will need a suitable closure depending on the type of cancer, body site and size. Most wounds will be stitched with a straight-line wound. However, some more complex wounds will require moving skin from an adjacent area (flap repair) or from elsewhere (skin graft).

The options for managing a skin cancer (skin cancer treatments) will always be discussed with you before any procedure is carried out. Sometimes it is better to perform a diagnostic biopsy to assist in further planning. Where appropriate we will also help you by referral to specialist for laser, light therapy, radiotherapy or more complex surgery.

Due the increasing costs of equipment and materials there will usually be a gap (out of pocket) expense for procedures.