What happens during a skin cancer check ?

See here for what to expect during a skin cancer check

We understand that having your first skin check might feel like a daunting experience, so it may help to know more about the process.

During a skin cancer check or melanoma check, we will check your skin, scalp and nails, but rest assured patients keep their underwear on, and we use a sheet to cover you as much as possible. Were patients have skin cancers or melanomas, we may also need to check for lymph gland (lymph node) enlargement – usually in the neck, armpits, abdomen and groin areas.

Dermoscopy involves using a dermatoscope to examine suspicious lesions and look for clues to cancer or melanoma. Using a dermatoscope is painless, and greatly assists the doctor in deciding if a spot or mole is or is not of concern.

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