Skin Cancer and Melanoma

Skin Cancer and Melanoma prevention, detection and treatment are a priority if you grew up in Australia or live in Wishart , Mt Gravatt, Mansfield or other parts of Queensland. Book an appointment to see Dr Colbrook soon on 07 3216 8500.


Meet Dr Brittany Wakefield!

Dr Brittany Wakefield For new or existing patients who may have not seen Dr Wakefield before, she has been at Reydon Street Medical Centre since 2019 and now has more availability for her patients. Her special interests include all things skin, whether its teenage acne or skin cancers and melanoma, Dr Wakefield can help. Dr…

Meet Dr Colbrook!

Dr Paul Colbrook GP and Skin Cancer Doctor in Mt Gravatt Dr Colbrook has been at Reydon Street Medical Centre since 2012. Since then, Dr Paul has been helping patients reach their long-term goals to improve their health and wellbeing. He enjoys a relaxed, non-judgemental, and collaborative approach to communication and patient care. Paul believes…

It is still the same sun!

Many Australians will remember the original ‘Sid the Seagull’ from Cancer Council’s 1980’s campaign which launched the ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ message.   If you remember Sid the Seagull you are old enough to need regular skin cancer and melanoma checks. Since this message, many things have changed but our sun is still the same. Australia…


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Watch Lana’s video about being diagnosed with melanoma. Most melanomas and other skin cancers can be prevented by the use of good sun protection. Every day of the year (winter and summer) we urge you to use the five forms of sun protection: slip on sun-protective clothingslop on SPF30 (SPF 50 is better) broad-spectrum, water-resistant…


One in four teenagers between 12 and 17 years old get sunburnt every weekend. the more times we sunburn the more changes of us becoming one of the 2 out 3 people that get skin cancer before 70 years old, or being one of the 1,400 Australians that are diagnosed with melanoma each year. If…

National Skin Cancer week is coming soon

In the meantime please share this post with someone you care about. Reydon Street Medical Centre can help with your next skin cancer check up. If you have no COVID symptoms you can now Book on line with Dr Brittany Wakefield or Dr Paul Colbrook. Follow us on Facebook for more news and updates.

Time to see you GP and get a health check

Jenny Morrison the Prime Minister’s wife has sent a message to all Australians, and women in particular not to put off seeing their GP. At Reydon Street, we are aware that patients are putting off routine preventative care like skin checks and breast screening. We have also noticed a decline in patients attending to routine…

Bulk billed Skin checks at Reydon Street Medical Centre on Friday 29 November 2019

TRIPLE M’S BIGGEST SKIN CHECK is back Bulk billed Skin checks at Reydon Street Medical Centre on Friday 29 November 2019 Last year we posted about the Triple M Biggest Skin Check day. Read more here… This year Triple M are running the Biggest Skin Check day again. As skin cancer and  melanoma are such…