Concerned about your health and wellbeing?

Men’s Health

Many men recognise they have specific health needs and wish to prioritise attention to these areas. We find our early morning and Saturday appointments are popular with male patients who find it difficult to come during the weekdays.

Our medical clinic offers advice, focused screening, surveillance and management of male concerns. Commonly, patients ask for help with heart disease prevention, lifestyle risk factors, and sexual health and function. We are happy to discuss and arrange prostate cancer screening. We also help our male patient’s with concerns around libido, erectile dysfunction and screening for infections (STIs).

Traditionally, men delay seeking help with stress and other mental health issues. Our team is happy to support and guide men having difficulties in these area and ensure privacy and confidentiality at all times. See our pages on mental health to access more help online while waiting to see us. There are some great apps to help manage stress, anxiety and depression on our technology and apps page.

Men often play sport outside or are exposed to the sun while at work. As a result are they are often at increased risk of skin cancers and melanoma. Make it part of your routine to have an annual skin cancer check  at Reydon Street.

As our male doctor, Paul Colbrook enjoys offering medical care to men of all ages who are concerned about their health and wellbeing.