Iron Infusion information for patients requesting iron infusion.

Before the appointment:

You will need to provide 2 vials of “Ferrinject” on the day of your infusion
Continue taking all of your normal medication, however please stop taking any iron tablets at least 7 days before the infusion
What to wear – dress in loose, comfortable clothing – Please wear a short sleeve top Meals – you may eat as normal prior to the infusion
Please drink 2-3 glasses of water prior to your appointment
You can drive yourself to and from the appointment as long as you do not feel unwell or experience any problems during the procedure.

Don’t bring any children with you to the appointment.

The infusion procedure:

A tube will be put into your arm to enable the iron solution to be given (“drip” / “iv” / ”cannula”). Some attempts at inserting this drip may be unsuccessful and if a suitable drip cannot be inserted the infusion may be rescheduled or you may be referred elsewhere.
The iron infusion will take approximately 15 minutes (Ferric Carboxymaltose only)
The nurse will take regular observations throughout the infusion and for approximately 30 – 45 minutes after
If any side effects are experienced during or following the infusion, please inform the nurse immediately

What symptoms may they experience?

Common (these may continue off and on for up to 1-7 days)
Temporary changes in taste (e.g. metallic)
Headache, feeling sick or vomiting
Muscle and joint pain
Itchiness, rash

Uncommon (NOTE: Severe side effects are rare. You will be closely monitored by the nurse and /or doctor during the infusion of iron.)
Burning, swelling and/or discolouration at injection site
Permanent skin discolouration at the injection site and the area around. This skin staining can be significant, look quite unpleasant and be permanent. This can occur even if the drip is correctly inserted into a vein. Although this is rare please click the link to see some examples.
Shortness of breath

Following the infusion:

You may be required to wait 30 – 45 minutes for observation, so expect to be in the practice for 90 minutes or so.

The iron will take a few weeks to have its full effect and your doctor will check your blood iron levels in 6 weeks
Please check with your GP before re-starting any oral iron tablets (if advised by your doctor to take iron tablets you must wait at least 7 days before starting).
Sometimes mild side effects can start 1 to 2 days after the infusion and include headache, mild fever, joint and muscle aches


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