Ask us for advice on immunisation at any stage of life


Whether it is “baby needles” or the shingles vaccination for older adults, you can help maintain good health and prevent serious illness by keeping immunisations up to date.

Child and Adolscent Immunisations

We regularly vaccinate our younger patients in line with the Queensland Health and Australian Immunisation Schedule. With this in mind, we have Government-funded vaccines available on site. Reydon Street Medical have 3 friendly and experienced doctors (both male and female) who would be happy to help you protect yourself and your family.

The Immunisations recommended for Australians are frequently updated as disease patterns change or as the available vaccinations are improved and it can be hard to keep up. The current recommendations may not match the Red Book given to you when your baby was born. It’s easy to check the latest advice on Queensland Health’s “Immunisation Schedule Queensland” website. Check your child’s immunisation by age using the Queensland Health  charts below:

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Catch up immunisations

We are happy to help with older children and adolescents who need a catch-up immunisation. This may be due to illness or choosing not to be immunised at School or due to changes in the lastest recommendations. When there is a change to the state-funded immunisations there may be “catch-up” programs for patients who have missed out. Our doctors would be happy to see you to discuss these and arrange vaccination where needed. Some vaccinations may need to be ordered specially.

Meningitis ACWY is given to Year 10 Students, and there is a catch up program for  Meningitis ACWY for teenagers aged 15 to 19 years old who have missed out.  Book an appointment soon to ensure you don’t miss out on protection against this serious life-threatening disease.

Have I had everything I should?

It’s hard to keep up, and patients often ask us if their immunisations are up to date. We update infant or child’s Australian Immunisation Record (AIR) on line  –  this was previously known as the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register. You can check children’s immunisation records through the AIR website, and the Brisbane City Council immunisation service for  immunisations given to your child at school.

Adults and Travel vaccinations

Older adults often require influenza, pneumococcal and shingles immunisations. We have also noticed an increase in adult patients requesting a Perutssis (whooping cough) booster to protect newborn babies. For those who are venturing further afield, we frequently advise on overeas travel vaccinations. Where we do not have stock on hand, the pharmacy just across the road will be able to help supply these.

Annual Influenza Immunsations

For more information about the annual influenza immunizations (“flu shots”), see our dedicated section.