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Asthma Management

Research shows that people who have a written asthma action plan have better control of their asthma and have fewer asthma attacks. Furthermore, they are better equipped to recognise deteriorating symptom and know how to respond more appropriately.  Medicare provides funding for asthmatic to see Allied Health Professionals through a GP Chronic Disease Management Plan. For asthma this might include seeing a Physiotherapist to teach respiratory exercises, an exercise physiologist to develop cardio-respiratory fitness, or a dietician if you have food triggers. Please see your GP if you have asthma and would like to have a plan coordinated for yourself.

Understand more about asthma and how to manage it:

Asthma Kids (asthmakids.org.au) is great resource for our younger patients with videos and quizzes…

For the 0-8 years olds…

Go to the Asthma Kids website to complete the quizzes.

…. and for 9 years and over

Asthma Australia is a leading body in asthma research, education and support

You can access information about asthma and its management on their website.

There are different medications and devices, but for children it is recommended that they use a spacer with their puffer. For children and people who are breathless the four breath technique works well, as shown in the Asthma Australia video below:

Younger children will need to use a mask

People with asthma, parents, teachers and carers need to know how to manage and asthma emergency. Follow the link to the National Asthma Council’s Asthma First Aid page.

You can also download pdf charts of the Council’s First for Asthma Chart and Kids’ First Aid For Asthma Chart and print these at home. There Kids’ Chart is also translated into several languages other than English on the same page.