Aged Care

As we grow older our medical needs become more complex. By spending time with our older patients we endeavour to maximise their health outcomes.

We help older patients access Medicare rebates for allied health services including podiatrists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and dietitians. In addition, we offer our patients over 75 an annual health assessment with our nurse and their doctor. This assessment includes assessing safety, nutrition, memory problems and other important issues. We offer this assessment with extra cost to the patient. Drivers over 75 often choose to schedule this before having their annual medical certificate to drive examination. The form can be downloaded from  Medical certificate for motor vehicle driver form (F3712) or collected from your local transport and motoring customer service centre.

We work with local pharmacists to address medication issues. We can arrange for a pharmacist  to visit your home to perform a Home Medications Review (Domiciliary Medication Management Review (DMMR).

We have a visiting geriatrician

Furthermore, to make accessing a specialist easier, Dr Peter Kortlucke is our visiting geriatrician and attends on a weekly basis.

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