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The doctors at our medical centre are experienced in offering medical advice and support for a variety of medical issues, in both adults and children.

  • Older patients and Aged Care

    For our patients over 75 years of age we offer an annual in home health assessment with a visiting nurse to assess safety, nutrition, memory problems and other important issues.

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  • Allied Health

    Reydon Street Medical Centre works with many other allied health providers in our local area e.g.: psychologist, physiotherapist’s and pharmacists.

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  • Asthma Management

    Research has shown that people who have a written asthma action plan have better control of their asthma, have fewer asthma attacks and are better equipped to recognise deteriorating symptoms and know how to respond appropriately.
    Please see your GP if you have asthma and would like to have a plan coordinated for yourself.
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  • Chronic Disease Management

    As our population ages the management of chronic and complex diseases is becoming more important.
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  • Osteoporosis and Bone health

    Read more about your  bone strength and how Reydon Street Medical Centre can help you maintain this and  reduce the chance of  fractures.

  • Staying healthy

    See a list of resources  and videos to inspire you to exercise and home and eat well.

    Great for people with long term conditions and for us all during Covid-19

  • Men's Health

    Many men recognise they have specific health needs and wish to prioritise attention to these areas.
    Our medical clinic offers advice, focused screening, surveillance and management of heart disease prevention, lifestyle risk factors, and sexual health and function.

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  • COVID-19 vaccination.

    Reydon Street Medical Centre is an approved vaccination provider for COVID-19 vaccines. We are happy to help provide COVID-19 immunisation for our local area and wider community.

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  • Influenza Immunsation

    We provide private and government funded  influenza immunisations. These are accessible  either through a consultation with your GP or one of our Rapid Access  clinic sessions

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  • Immunisation

    It is necessary for good health to follow advice to immunise at all stages of life. Our doctors can advise the recommended schedule for all age groups and Reydon Street Medical Centre has most vaccines available on site.

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  • Infants & Children’s Health

    Reydon Street Medical Centre offers a wide range of services for children including new born assessments, feeding concerns, new parent support, developmental assessments, healthy kids checks and immunisations.
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  • Mental Health and Wellbeing

    There is lots of help available with mental health and wellbeing
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  • Skin Cancer Services

    See our skin cancer services by clicking here

  • Technology and Apps

    Some apps to help you manage your health.
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  • Travel Health

    For patients planning an overseas holiday we offer travel advice and vaccinations. It is best to book well in advance and to bring your travel itinerary to your appointment.

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  • Contraception and sexual health

    We are able to  offer advice on all forms of contraception, and  Dr Karen Shepherd is trained to insert and remove Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) Contraceptive Implants  (Implanon).

    As well as cervical cancer screening our doctors can help patients access screening to maintain good sexual health.

  • Iron Deficiency

    Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia are common and need careful assessment before deciding on the best treatment for any patient.
    Your Reydon Street GPs can  help you .

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  • Iron Infusions

    Total Dose Iron Infusions  are available here at your Wishart and Upper Mt Gravatt doctors.

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  • Women’s Health | An Individual Approach

    There are many reasons why today’s women often prefer to discuss their personal medical and health issues with a female doctor.

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