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Did you know this is World Haemochromatosis Week?

Haemochromatosis is the most common genetic disorder in Australia. For the 1 in 200 people affected, and the iron overload it can cause serious health problems The most common symptoms of this inherited iron overload disorder are: •  Fatigue, weakness and lethargy•  Joint pains Other symptoms can include: •  Abdominal pain•  Diabetes•  Liver disorders; enlarged…

Vinnies needs more help to support the homeless please

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused great uncertainty for people around the world andat home. Many face the prospect of falling into homelessness due to job losses and financialinsecurity. Please help me support the work of @VinniesAU by sponsoring Dr Paul Colbrook’s #CEOSleepoutAU:

Influenza immunization 2020

With COVID-19 looming it it will be more important than usual to consider an annual influenza vaccination. We are yet to receive a date when we will receive these, but this year it may be a good idea to consider an early immunization against influenza, even if this meant receiving a second (booster) shot later…

Measles News

We are receiving lots of questions from our adult patients about measles and the need for booster immunisation The following is reproduced from the Health Direct website (17/4/2019) “The Department of Health is very concerned about the recent increase in measles cases and is urging everyone to check their measles immunisation history or get…

Reydon Street medical Centre will run Fast-Track appointments for Influenza vaccination – coming soon

Easter will be here soon, and the Flu Season will follow. Immunisation helps: stop you catching the flu and developing its complications.keep working not have to take time off work looking after childrenkeep you  out of hospital or worse Annual vaccination is recommended for anyone six months of age and older. The Government provides certain…

Are you using enough sunscreen?

The latest news on sunscreen is that we aren’t using enough.  We may apply sunscreen for a planned day the beach, but are still leaving ourselves at risk of cancers and melanoma. The ABC news  on 25 January 2019 reports on an article  led by QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute reseachers recommending  that in Brisbane…

Sun Screen and Ice Cream (A Skin Cancer Update)

Summer  still seems to lingering on but soon winter will come. Patient’s thoughts turn away from beaches , swimming and camping, but skin cancer doctors’ remain focused on  skin cancers and melanomas. In summer, we regularly see patients  with sunburn. Many of these forgot to use sunscreen, or simply did not realise how quickly they…