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New COVID-19 vaccination Decision Support Tool to help you make informed choices

Queensland Health has published an excellent COVID-19 Decision Support Tool that answers many of the questions patients have. You can access this through This link is also on our COVID-10 vaccination information pages at

Preparing for your COVID-19 vaccination appointment!

While we wait for more information about the vaccine rollout, there are things you can do now to get ready for your appointment. First, make sure your details are up to date with Medicare. You can do this using either: Medicare online account through myGovThe Express Plus Medicare appCalling the Medicare program If you don’t…

The importance of sleep…

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an incredibly stressful and unsettling and for some people has resulted in countless sleepless nights. However, adequate sleep is critical for maintaining good heart health, so we must do all that we can to maintain a normal routine and get our 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Sleep is essential…

COVID-19 Vaccination news

News is coming through that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has provisionally approved the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine for use in Australians 18 years and older. This is the vaccine that will be used (at least initially) to immunise the majority of our patients staring in March 2021. We can be assured that the  TGA’s rigorous standards for safety,…