Our fees and charges

We are a privately billing practice but do offer a number of concessions to  certain groups of patients.

Children under 16 years old – We will Bulk Bill Medicare on your behalf for consultations for children 15 years and under for consultations from Monday to Friday. Our usual private fee policies apply on Saturdays and for children undergoing procedures and  dressings etc.

Gap fees – Our usual private fee policies apply to all patients on weekends, to other patients and for procedures (including children). Although our fees list covers most consultations, depending on your requirements there may be additional out of pocket expenses (e.g.treatment room fees for procedures, dressings or excisions).

New Patients – To ensure the doctor has enough time to review and understand your health needs, all new patients are given a LONG appointment.

Telephone  and Video consultation – We  offer telephone and video consultations in certain situations. These are charged privately at the same rate as a face to face consultation. Medicare rebates will be available for telephone and video appointments in many situations. Exceptions are telephone / video consultations for New patients or existing patients not seen at the  clinic face to face for more than 12 months.

Here is a list of our regular fees: (Current as 8 August 2020). Other fees and charges may apply.
Consultation Fees as of 9 December 2019Full Fee and
All patients on weekends
Children aged 15 and under
(Monday to Friday)
Health Care Card FeePension FeeMedicare Rebate
Item 3
Fee42.00Bulk Billed to Medicare39.5034.0017.45
Gap24.55No out of pocket fees22.0516.55
Item 23
Fee81.00Bulk Billed to Medicare75.0065.0038.20
Gap42.80No out of pocket fees36.8026.80
Item 36
Fee148.00Bulk Billed to Medicare132.00119.0073.95
Gap74.05No out of pocket fees58.0545.05
Item 44
Fee225.00Bulk Billed to Medicare186.00168.00108.85
Gap116.15No out of pocket fees77.1559.15
TELEPHONE and VIDEO CONSULTATIONS Feecharged the same as face to face consultation (duration)charged the same as face to face consultation (duration)charged the same as face to face consultation (duration)charged the same as face to face consultation (duration)Usually available if seen face to face at Reydon Street Medical Centre in previous 12 months

Contraceptive Implants: Several of our doctors are able to insert and remove Implanon NXT implants. Please let the  receptionist know at the time of booking an appointment for these procedures.

Procedures (including skin excisions and iron infusions) performed in the  treatment room: In addition to a doctor’s fee, we charge an additional out of pocket fee to cover the costs  of equipment and consumables.

Wound / ulcer management and other dressings:  In addition to a doctor’s consultation fee, we charge an additional out of pocket fee to cover nursing time and costs such as dressings / consumables.

Prescriptions: The practice requires patients to have a consultation for all prescriptions (including repeat scripts) so that we ensure we provide the quality of care you expect of us and meet our medico-legal obligations .

Referrals: Referrals are a request by your doctor for a specialist opinion.  If you wish to access a Medicare rebate when seeing a specialist, Medicare requires you to have a consultation with your GP beforehand.

Referrals and prescriptions cannot be backdated.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, AmEx, JCB and Diners card and electronic payments. Due to the additional transaction fees charged by banking institutions we need to make a surcharge for these.

Credit Card / EFTPoS Surcharge Rates

Payment channelApplied rate
MasterCard credit1.1%
MasterCard debit 1.2%
Visa credit1.1%
Visa debit1.1%
Amex / JCB Single Settlement1.1%