Private Influenza Vaccinations at Reydon Street Medical Centre

Private Influenza Vaccinations at Reydon Street Medical Centre

If you are between 16 and 64 years and not eligible for a Government (NIP) funded Influenza Immunisation we are offering Rapid Access Influenza Immunisation sessions.

The next sessions  will  be on Monday 19 April 2021 and Saturday 1 May 2021.

These Rapid Access sessions have proved very popular over the last few years. They are dedicated times where existing patients can receive an influenza vaccination (and you would need to book a standard appointment if you wished to discuss other matters). This Rapid Access appointments will be Bulk Billed, but the vaccine itself costs $20 and needs to be pre-paid.

If you have any doubts or questions about whether Influenza vaccination is right for you, you should book an appointment with your GP.

You can still receive an influenza needle through a normal consultation with your GP.

If you are ready to be vaccinated follow the simple Reydon Street Medical Centre Influenza Vaccination Process

  1. Read our Rapid Access Information page
  2. Follow the link to read the consent information and to book an appointment.
  3. Pay for your vaccination.
  4. Book an appointment online.
  5. Check the car parking suggestions for easy cark parking on the day.
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