Coronavirus COVID-19 Vaccinations – Phase 1b. Everyone wants to know “When can I book an appointment?”

Phase 1b of the Coronavirus COVID-19 vaccinations are beginning. At Reydon Street Medical Centre we are scheduled to receive vaccinations in MID-APRIL. Thank you for your patience, as we will receive limited stock to begin with, and so it will take a few weeks to vaccinate all our Phase 1b patients. You cannot book appointments yet, as we want to be sure they are safely in our fridge before we start this.

We know everyone is anxious to have more information about when and how they will receive their vaccination. We will provide more information as it becomes available. In the meantime, we encourage you to gather more information about the vaccinations and the information you will need to make your decisions. We have a webpage where you can access the information. We will update this page and our Facebook once we can give you more information. Like us on Facebook to keep up to date.

If wish to speak to a doctor about any questions or concerns about whether COVID-19 vaccination is right for you, please book an appointment. You can do this anytime using our booking system by clicking this link: I’m ready to book online. In many instances a telephone appointment may work well for this.

Our support team does not have any additional information about when the vaccines will arrive or when appointments will be released. For the time being, we request you leave the telephone lines free so patients who are unwell can access the help and service they need.

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