World’s Greatest Shave 2021 is here!

World’s Greatest Shave 2021 is here!

Blood cancer is on the rise in Australia. Every single day, 47 Australian families will learn that they are facing blood cancer. Blood cancer takes so much, it can take a person’s job away, it can take them away from their families, it can take their hair, and it can take their life.

Participating in World’s Greatest Shave is an act of solidarity and to send a powerful message of hope to those Australian’s who are diagnosed with blood cancer.

This iconic event is one of Australia’s biggest fundraisers. It is an annual event where family, friends, businesses, and individuals come together to raise money by getting sponsored to be brave and shave their head. You can also show your support by colouring your hair, waxing and more!

The money raised from sponsors goes towards research, which is needed to find better treatments and cures for leukaemia’s, lymphomas, myeloma, and related blood disorders.

Fundraising will also support families when they need it most, providing patients with a free home-away-from-home near the hospital during their treatment.

Families who are facing blood cancer can also access specialist emotional care, guidance through a confusing health system and health with bills when things get tough.

You can be involved by signing up to shave your head, cut or colour your hair or wax your arms or legs. You can sign up here:

If you are looking to still be involved, you can donate to individuals or team participating in World’s Greatest Shave here.

Make no mistake the funds raised through World’s Greatest Shave are life-changing.

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