Kick start 2021 by prioritising your health!

Kick start 2021 by prioritising your health!

Staying healthy is important for all of us however, it requires regular attention to reinforce our good behaviours. Start by setting some health goals you hope to achieve in 2021 and implement small changes to make these happen.

Getting 30 minutes of exercise most days is the minimum recommended time. Good habits can be hard to start. If 30 minutes seems too hard, just get the habit started by committing to do 10 minutes a day and ensuring you succeed. Add an extra 5 minutes every 2-3 weeks.

An easy way to stay active is to check out local exercise activities such as walking tracks, parks, swimming pools or local exercise classes.

We have created a list of local nature walks and short scenic city walks that are highly recommended.

For easy nature walking tracks around Mt Gravatt:

  • Toohey Forest (dog friendly):
    • Federation track
    • Nathen Ridge track
  • Karawatha Forest park (dog friendly):
    • Melaleuca circuit
    • Echidna track
  • Daisy Hill Conservation Park:
    • Paperbark trail
    • Tree discovery trail
  • Mt Gravatt Summit walk
    • Enjoy some great views from the lookout

For short scenic walks around the city, we suggest these:

  • City loop via south Bank  
  • City loop from the Botanic gardens via Story Bridge and Kangaroo Point  
  • The Arbour at South Bank
  • Tenerife to CBD via Riverwalk

Implementing small changes to stay active, is better than no change. By creating a routine to walk after work or on weekends, you will be improving your physical and mental health. Exercising with friends can be a great way to have the added benefit of social connection. If you are struggling to optimize your health outcomes, speak to one of our GPs today as they can help you choose your goals, monitor your progress regularly and provide feedback or advise any changes. Book online through our website.

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