Decembeard is here!

Bowel Cancer Australia’s Decembeard fundraiser encourages everyone to get hairy while raising awareness and funds to help beat bowel cancer.  

Beards aren’t just for hipsters, grandpas, men that ride motorbikes or people that are too lazy to shave. Anyone can help make real change happen. This December you can be involved by growing a beard or get hairy.  

Here are some different ways to be involved:

  • Grow a beard or some chin stubbles and promote your facial hair
  • Dye, decorate, shave, or trim your hair and create something amazing
  • Donate the amount you spend on shaving /grooming to Decembeard.

Once you have begun to grow your beard or some chin stubble, you can promote your facial hair to raise funds and awareness for Australia’s second deadliest cancer.  

If you are not ready to get hairy, support someone who is getting hairy for Decembeard by donating!  

Another fun way to raise awareness for Decembeard and bowel cancer is by hosting a very hairy Christmas party! Get everyone on the hair wagon by having a hair theme for your end of year celebrations.   Or other great ways to fundraise for Decembeard also include:

  • Sharing your story with bowel cancer or why you are helping to raise awareness funds.
  • Make a poster or flyer about fundraising and share this around your workplace or local community.
  • Be social and post your fundraising details on social media or spread awareness by resharing posts about Decembeard or bowel cancer.
  • And lastly, show your progress by posting photos of your beards so people know you are participating in Decembeard.  

By raising awareness and funds through Decembeard, you are helping to beat bowel cancer!

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