It all about Men – Movember’s here

It all about Men – Movember’s here

Us men can need a air bit of prompting  to do something about our health.

Movember is a great way for us to start thinking  about looking after ourselves a bit more.

This year it is perhaps more important for us to use Movember as a reminder to touch base with our own, a friend’s or work colleagues mental health.

The last few months have taken a toll on all of us, and many of us are missing social and physical contact when we didn’t expect to.

The opportunities for us to have a casual conversation and check how some’s going are harder than ever.

Many men are dealing with losing a job, financial stress, loneliness, and other triggers affecting their mental health. We often feel we don’t have the skills to support someone.

Take a look at the ALEC guide to help you navigate a conversation with someone who might be struggling in tough times

Dr Paul Colbrook is supporting Movember by growing a Mo. Follow us on the Reydon Street Medical Centre Facebook page over the next few weeks to follow his progress.

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It’s time to grow a Mo!

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