Do you have a ongoing condition and want to stay healthy as long as possible? If you do, read on… If not, please share this with a loved one or friend who does.

Do you have a ongoing condition and want to stay healthy as long as possible? If you do, read on… If not, please share this with a loved one or friend who does.

Proactive management of chronic, ongoing conditions has never been more important.

We published a recent post to remind patients to ensure they attend to routine cancer checks, like breast, mammography, skin and melanoma and colorectal cancer. Today, we are reminding people to keep on track with paying attention to all aspects of their health. We have noticed that many patient’s weight, diabetes risk and cholesterol risk have increased in the last few months. We are also aware patients are not getting monitoring blood tests and appointments on schedule as they are worried about COVID-19.  All of this means their chances of the complications of serious diseases like diabetes, heart disease or stroke become more likely.

We would like to reassure our patients that we are taking significant steps to reduce the risk of coronavirus within the clinic. With the low levels in Queensland, we feel it is safe for us to allow well patients to enter for the clinic for routine health care appointments.

If you want help to live the  best life you can… get a GP Management  Plan.

We want to help all our patients stay in the best health they can by optimizing the care of chronic conditions. Whether it is arthritis, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, or osteoporosis (and many more) a GP Management Plan can help reduce complications and give patients back control over the care they receive. At present we are able to offer GP Management Plans through bulk billed telephone consultations until the end of September 2020.

What is a GP Management Plan  and how do I get one?

This provides a patient centred, regular, planned process focusing on prevention. It allows time and a framework dedicated to care of your chronic or complex conditions. It is built around your personal goals and takes account of your conditions, lifestyle and ambitions so that you can live the best life you can.

It’s a bit like servicing your car – you may need to see the mechanic for a punctured tyre, but regular, scheduled monitoring and progress checks prevent the wheels coming off. Through a GP Management Plan we hope to reduce long term complications from a range of conditions as well as the number of unplanned visits to your GP.

What is involved?

As part of our process we ask you review your previous conditions and medications to check they are up to date. More importantly we ask you to reflect on what your goals are over the next few months and longer term, and any barriers that might affect you achieving these goals.

Your Doctor would then help you develop an individualised, structured care plan that takes account of your condition, lifestyle and personal goals to help you feeling as healthy as possible.

This assessment may also identify whether you are eligible for Medicare assistance with allied health treatments to help you meet your goals.

Our nurse can even keep in contact with you to help monitor and support you towards your goals.

It is expected that the Plan is reviewed every 3-6 months to check things on track.

Until the end of September, Medicare allows us to Bulk Bill these to be carried out over the telephone  – so you can sit back and a have a cup of tea while you speak to the nurse and  your doctor and still not have any out of pocket fee.

 How do I book an appointment?

 If you want to get the best out of life and already have long term conditions, call the Support Team on 3216 8500 to find out more about getting booked in for a GP Management Plan this week.

You can  read more information at

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