How we are keeping our patients and community safe – Changes you need to know about.

How we are keeping our patients and community safe – Changes you need to know about.

It has been over 6 months now since the Coronavirus arrived in Australia and flipped our lives upside down.

From having to practice social distancing and getting used to life with restrictions on activities, to continually washing our hands or wearing masks, or the fear of loved ones or friends getting sick, the Coronavirus is something none of us expected.

With the recent news of positive cases in the Brisbane area we are in another period of uncertainty. At Reydon Street Medical Centre  we want to do our part to keep our patients and wider community safe.

Your family doctors remain open for business and caring for our existing and new patients. However, to ensure we keep everyone safe we are flexing our approach to seeing patients face to face again.

From Monday (24 August 2020) our GPs will speak to all patients by a telephone or video consultation in the first instance. In many cases this may be all that is needed. However, where it is decided that a face to face consultation is needed for an examination, your doctor will agree with you how and when this will occur.

We have efficient systems in place to refer patients directly to private pathology providers for COVID-19 testing without the need for them to attend the clinic.  For patients who are generally well in themselves,this is a simple three step process.

1 – Book telephone consultation

2 – Speak to your GP who will send the referral to the pathology provider

3 – Drive to a Drive Thru test centres

We have referred many patients for testing this way, and our experience is that the time for patients to get their results has been far quicker than the Queensland Health / public testing service.

For the time being, anyone in our local area with even mild systems that might be due to Coronavirus should get a Coronavirus test done. You can access advice about symptoms  and the steps to take here :

Telephone or video consultation is another simple  was to arrange referrals for other pathology and x-ray tests or to specialist. It is easy for your GP to send these directly by electronic transfer or email while your remain at work or at home.

Requests for repeat prescriptions can also be sent direct to the pharmacy electronically after a Telehealth consultation. As soon as local pharmacies  are able to use the latest software, we will be able to send the  scripts direct to patient’s mobile phones instead.

 We want to be able to help as many people as we can to access good quality health care at this challenging time. We have heard that some GPs are not taking new patients and understand that this makes things even harder when people are unwell. If you know or anyone who needs a new GP, please let them know we can help (even better send them this post).

If you need to book online hit the button

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