Do you need more motivation to get out a do a bit of exercise? Can you help someone who needs a Guide Dog?

Do you need more motivation to get out a do a bit of exercise? Can you help someone who needs a Guide Dog?

Blindness and poor vision can affect every age group from children and teenagers to the elderly. The number of people expected to need help from Guide Dogs Australia is expected to increase as the population ages. Guide Dogs Australia needs your help, and is running a campaign called PAWGUST. .

During PAWGUST you commit to walk 30 minutes a day to help them provide guide dogs to people low vision or who are blind. You can do your bit to help them by committing to walk every day for the rest of August (or longer if you find the motivation helpful). The idea is to walk with your dog, but even if you own a cat (or don’t have any pets) you can help too – Just commit to walking a few minutes every day on your own or with a buddy. If nothing else, you can sponsor someone else to do the walking for you.

Walking your dog is the best way to show your affection for them. Dogs don’t just need the exercise from a walk…they need the  brain stimulation too. We can learn a thing or two from the dogs, and use the time to switch off from the other stresses of daily life and think about something different for a few minutes.

The PAWGUST’ ‘walking tips’ also has some great ideas on how to set goals to achieve healthy changes that will work what ever you what to do.

Make your goals easier to achieve – 30 minutes  in one go may be hard to fit in to a busy schedule, or walking for half an hour straight up might seem a big step for other reasons. If this sounds like you, why not set an achievable goal of 10  minutes  three times a day?

Set up a schedule – use your phone to set up reminders and calendar entries. Once it is in there you are more likely to do it.

Get a buddy – its more fun to share with someone, and you can use each other for encouragement. Even if you can’t meet up in person you can now do it virtually.

Keep it fun and enjoy it

Be the tortoise and not the hare – making small changes and meeting small goals is better than aiming too high and not making it happen.

We live in a wonderful river city and even the Brisbane City Council is making it easier to get out an enjoy exercising with your dog by allowing them on CityCats and ferries.

At Reydon Street Medical Centre we can help you to make other changes to your health and well being. It is easy –  just click her to book a telehealth or face to face consultation.

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