Don’t forget – You can still get access to Medicare funded Allied Health care during COVID-19

Don’t forget – You can still get access to Medicare funded Allied Health care during COVID-19

With all the news  focusing on the number of Coronavirus cases it is easy to forget the other impacts of this current outbreak.

Recently it has been noticeable that almost everyone’s blood glucose and cholesterol levels have  gone up as much as 10%.  Patients are also noticing a few  COVID kilos have gone on the waist line too.

For those of us with chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, lung disease and even arthritis  it is even more important  to act on these chnages before too long.

There  has also been a steady flow of patients trying to do the right thing and initiate their own exercise programs who are now reporting injuries. At face value these may sometimes seem minor, but if they prevent someone  exercising, it can lead to other problems (like weight gain, and increased blood glucose or cholesterol).

It is easier to make small changes early to improve the chances of success. Many of us need help or advice to  make changes.

Patients  who have any chronic condition that will last 6 months or more (or have a terminal condition) will often benefit from a structured approach to their management. Recognising this the Government funds the patient’s usual GP (or GP at the same practice) to develop a  GP Management Plan (GPMP)  to help them organize and structure their care, and reduce ad hoc visits.

For patient’s who have more complex conditions that require a multi-disciplinary approach a Team Care Arrangement (TCA) is also accessible. This provides  Medicare funding to help access things like physiotherapists, dieticians, and exercise physiologists. (You can read the full list here)

Government’s don’t like spending money so if they are paying for something it usually means it is for a good reason and you should grab it quickly – in this case in means better outcomes for patients.

In the past having a GPMP and  TCA  could sometimes seem like a daunting process. However at Reydon Street Medical Centre we have been able to stream-line the process so that we can help you access the care you need while you sit in  the comfort of your own home (having a cup of tea if you like). This is a simple three step process:

  1. Review and updating of your information and you thinking about your personal goals.
  2. A phone call with our nurse
  3. A phone call with your Reydon Street GP.

After that we  do the work to set up the referrals to the Allied Health team you have chosen. We  will then help you review your plan after a  few months and help you keep  on track with your goals.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of a Chronic Disease Management Program. If you wish to know more about our process or to start the  ball rolling and make an appointment, ring 07 3216 8500 this week.

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