Did you know you can have a consultation with your GP by telephone and video (TELEHEALTH)?

Since April our patients have valued the support our GPs have been giving them by telephone and video consultations. The recent outbreak of Coronavirus cases in South Brisbane / Logan means these are even more helpful for  our patients.

We  are able to manage many patient concerns  using telehealth and reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus within the community.

Parents of children who have been unwell with minor respiratory or viral symptoms have found these provide easy to access advice and support from their family doctors.

We have been able to help many of our patients who just need a new prescription, referral or have a simple problem that does not require an examination. These are ideally suited to telephone or video appointments, and mean patients can stay safe without the need to travel to see their doctor.

If you are worried  about COVID-19 we can usually arrange testing without the  need for you to attend the Queensland Health Fever Clinics. After a consultation by telephone we  can send a pathology request direct to the pathology providers and you can go straight to  the drive through (or pathology clinic)  and stay safe in their own car.

Not everything can be managed on the telephone or video. Sometimes it is still necessary for us to see patients face to face. We have taken many steps to minimise the risk of infection to our patients and are able to still see patients face to face safely when necessary after careful assessment.

You can book a TELEHEALTH consultation here www.reydonstreet.com.au/billing-arrangements/bookings

So far we have been  able to  support our patients through this challenging time, and have been bulk billing these telephone and video consultations for Medicare eligible patients. Patients who have not been seen at a clinic no longer receive Medicare rebates for telehealth. We welcome these patients but have been forced to charge a private fee.

You can book a TELEHEALTH consultation here www.reydonstreet.com.au/billing-arrangements/bookings

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