We are still serving our community and still accepting new patients….but there have been some changes to Medicare you need to know about.

Patients’ ability to access their GP through by telephone and video consultation (telehealth) has been a great success over the last few weeks. At Reydon Street Medical Centre we have embraced this change, and are offering improved access for old and new patients alike.

Our patients welcomed the new Medicare rules that allowed this. However, the Government has changed the rules from Monday next week. From Monday 20 July, the Government has said Medicare rebates for telephone and video consultations will only be available where a patient has seen a GP or general practice face to face in the 12 months beforehand.

We are taking New Patients as usual but to be able to access a Medicare rebate, the first consultation will need to be face to face at the clinic. After that Medicare assisted telephone and video consultations will be possible.

New patients consulting Reydon Street Medical Centre for the first time after 20 July 2020 will have two options

  1. Attend for a face to face consultation, or
  2. Consult a Reydon Street doctor by telephone and pay a private fee (without a Medicare rebate)

Unfortunately, the way the Government has implemented these changes means two other groups of patients will need to be managed in the same way

  1. Existing patients who have only ever consulted their GP at Reydon Street Medical Centre by telephone or video.
  2. Existing patients who have not been seen for more than 12 months.

This changes will not apply to children aged under 12 months or patients who are homeless, who can still have the first consultation by Telehealth and receive a Medicare rebate.

It seems likely this requirement would not apply if high level restrictions are imposed in Queensland again.

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If you wish to learn more about our fees, please visit the Fees section of our website to learn more about our fees.

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