Do you want to avoid a nose swab and time off work?

Do you want to avoid a nose swab and time off work?

Now that the cold weather has started  we are seeing  a  lot of people with sniffly noses or a touch of their “usual sinus”.

One way to avoid a coronavirus nose swab is to maintain social isolation. In this time of worry around COVID, showing up to work, to the shops or to a friend’s sniffing or sneezing can cause alarm in the people around you. Employers may also insist you cannot go to work, or you may not be allowed see a loved one in a nursing home . Worse still you might end up having a COVID nose swab you didn’t want. However, not all runny noses and sinus symptoms are caused by infection.

Many people have had these symptoms on and off for years and don’t realise there are things you can do to clear up your nose and sinuses.

Some people have tried over the counter sprays and know certain ones can only be used for a few days. Symptoms are gone whilst they use the spray – but as soon as they stop the symptoms are straight back.

If you have had these issues lately, or know someone who is always reaching for a tissue why not make an appointment with one of our doctors at Reydon Street Medical Centre  and get some advice on breathing  more easily and getting those sinuses under control. Visit our website  to  BOOK ONLINE or CALL 07 3216 8500.

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