Migraine is unmistakable for sufferers often causing a severe pulsating headache  with nausea that may be preceded by warning symptoms called an aura. It often requires suffers to rest in bed and so greatly affects their social and work lives.

It affects up to 3  times as many women as men, and up to 1 in  4  to 1 in 5 women at anyone time.

30% of suffers loose a day of work /month and 50% reduce social activities due to migraine attacks which may go on for several days

For some, migraine may be reduced by following  regular,  predictable routines  including  maintaining good sleep and exercise habits  with simple analgesia and anti-inflammatories being effective in breakthrough attacks.

However some patients  require specific migraine medication or regular preventative medicines.                                                                                                                                                                            

New evidence suggests migraine with aura is also a marker of Cardiovascular disease. As it is early days in the research it is  unclear whether controlling migraine with aura is more important than controlling other risk factors for heart disease and stroke  like DM, Hypertension, smoking, cholesterol and overweight. However at the current time, it makes sense that migraine sufferers improve as many of these other risk factors as possible.

Download some simple lifestyle measures  by clicking here.

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