Did you know this is World Haemochromatosis Week?

Did you know this is World Haemochromatosis Week?

Haemochromatosis is the most common genetic disorder in Australia. For the 1 in 200 people affected, and the iron overload it can cause serious health problems

The most common symptoms of this inherited iron overload disorder are:

•  Fatigue, weakness and lethargy
•  Joint pains

Other symptoms can include:

•  Abdominal pain
•  Diabetes
•  Liver disorders; enlarged liver, cirrhosis
•  Sexual disorders; loss of sex drive in both male and female, impotence in men, absent or scanty menstrual periods and early menopause in women
•  Decrease in body hair
•  Discolouration or bronzing of the skin
•  Cardiomyopathy; disease of the heart muscle
•  Neurological/psychiatric disorders; impaired memory, mood swings, severe irritability, depression.

Testing involves a simple blood test to check iron stores and then a gene test to confirm if the cause really is due to Haemochromatosis.

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Make a booking for a telephone consultation with your doctor to discuss whether you might be storing too much iron, especially if other members of you family have haemochromatosis or are carriers. Book Here to arrange a video or telephone consultation with your GP.

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