Don’t put off speaking to your GP. It may make things worse.

There is growing concern in Australia, that patients are not seeking healthcare either for new problems and routine conditions like hypertension and diabetes because they are fearful of going out to visit their GP.

The worry is that patients will get sicker before they are seen or they develop problems and their long term health with suffer.

We are still open for business and seeing patients face to face after an initial telephone or video consultation when needed. We encourage you to book with your GP to discuss any concerns over the phone or using video.

Childhood immunisations remain essential.

We moved quickly to keep patients safe, and have taken many steps to reduce the risk to patients when they attend the practice, including:

  1. Minimizing the number of people in the practice by:
    1. Consulting with most patients by telephone or video
    2. Asking patients to say outside until appointment times
    3. Asking patients not to bring other adults /children with them who are not being examined except where required to assist the patient being seen
  2. Maintaining social distancing
  3. Following hand hygiene (see our Facebook post with the latest supply of hand sanitiser from a local supplier)
  4. Cleaning frequently touched surfaces regularly during the day and after patients are seen in rooms
  5. Asking patients to use contactless payments when needed
  6. Wearing PPE when we see patients with fever or respiratory symptoms
  7. Sending scripts direct to pharmacies
  8. Sending referrals direct to specialists and other providers.

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