INFLUENZA VACCINATIONS FOR OVER 65 year old NEW stock has arrived. RAPID ACCESS APPOINTMENTS available on 9 April 2020

We have stock of Government funded Influenza immunisations for patients over 65 years old, and will run rapid access appointments on THURSDAY 9 APRIL 2020

We wish to help all our patients access influenza vaccination in a timely, efficient and safe manner.

These appointments are NOT SUITABLE for people who:

  • Cannot stand for 30 minutes
  • Cannot walk on uneven ground (see the photographs)
  • Are new patients (even family and friends)

These patients are welcome to book a separate telephone consultation to arrange appointment.

Attendees must comply with Government isolation requirements. You may not attend if you

  • Are already unwell with fever, respiratory symptoms
  • Have contact with confirmed COVID cases
  • A household member is a suspected COVID case, and you are required to isolate.
  • Are required to self-isolate for 14 days due to travel outside of Australia or on Cruise ships within the last 14 days.

These appointments will take place outside so we can maintain social distancing.Please see the photos below for showing the route you will need to be able to walk on.

  • Do NOT arrive early for your appointment.
  • Before and after your vaccine, you must maintain social distancing by moving to the next mark as it becomes available.
  • Bring an UMBRELLA for shade (or rain)

Due to the way these immunisations are being delivered we will not be able to deal with any other issues. Patients attending these influenza-only sessions will need to book another consultation / telephone consultation for any and all other matters.

The consultation will be billed direct to Medicare on your behalf if you attend.

We will announce further sessions for influenza immunisation as stock becomes available

To make this safe for everyone. Please read the rules about attending and the risks of influenza immunisations before you book.

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