Bulk billed Skin checks at Reydon Street Medical Centre on Friday 29 November 2019


Bulk billed Skin checks at Reydon Street Medical Centre on Friday 29 November 2019

Last year we posted about the Triple M Biggest Skin Check day. Read more here

This year Triple M are running the Biggest Skin Check day again. As skin cancer and  melanoma are such big problems for us in Queensland, we wish to support this valuable skin cancer prevention and management program.

In line with this Dr Paul Colbrook and Dr Brittany Wakefield will offer Bulk-Billed skin checks for one day only on Friday 29 November 2019.

Dr Colbrook and Dr Wakefield are GPs who have extra training in the diagnosis and management of skin cancers and melanoma.

Dr Colbrook is accredited as a Skin Cancer Doctor by the Skin Cancer College Australasia

Dr Wakefield is a female doctor with an interest in skin cancers and holds the Post Graduate Certificate of Primary Care Dermatology from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and Australasian College of Dermatologists.

You can read  more  about them on our Book Skin Check page.

We have several resources available on our website about skin cancers and melanoma. If you have never had a skin cancer check before, See here for what to expect during a skin cancer check.

Book a skin check on line at Bookings

When you arrive or if you choose to phone the reception, please inform the staff you are responding to “Biggest Skin Check Day” post

Please  understand: Our usual private fees will apply for biopsies and procedures  or follow up consultations

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