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Measles News

We are receiving lots of questions from our adult patients about measles and the need for booster immunisation

The following is reproduced from the Health Direct website (17/4/2019)

“The Department of Health is very concerned about the recent increase in measles cases and is urging everyone to check their measles immunisation history or get vaccinated.

“Are you immune to measles?

“Australian children are routinely given 2 doses of a vaccine that protects them against measles; the first at 12 months old and the second one at 18 months. The first dose also protects against mumps and rubella (often referred to as the ‘MMR vaccine’), while the second dose also protects against mumps, rubella and chickenpox.

“The program provides lifelong protection in 99 of every 100 people vaccinated.

“Currently, 93.5% of 2-year-olds in Australia have received these vaccinations, but for a community to be protected against measles, at least 95% of children need to have the 2 doses.

The measles vaccine was first introduced in the 1960s, but the 2-dose program wasn’t introduced to Australia until the 1990s. So, people born between 1966 and 1994 may not have received 2 doses and are advised to talk to their doctor.

“Migrants to Australia may have also missed out on the full dose of the measles vaccine.

People born before 1966 are likely to be protected by immunity to measles due to the disease being quite widespread at the time.

“If you’e not sure whether you’re immune to measles, you can check your immunisation history with your GP or get a blood test. You can also search the Australian Immunisation Register for any vaccinations you may have received since January 1, 1996 (when the register was set up).

“If you think you may have had a measles vaccination earlier in life but are still not sure, it is safe to get another vaccination. Talk to your doctor.”

Our patients who are travelling overseas have been keen to know there immune status before visiting other countries. In these situations, a blood test can be reassuring.

If you wish to arrange testing or measles vaccination please book an appointment on line

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