Are you using enough sunscreen?

Are you using enough sunscreen?

The latest news on sunscreen is that we aren’t using enough.  We may apply sunscreen for a planned day the beach, but are still leaving ourselves at risk of cancers and melanoma.

The ABC news  on 25 January 2019 reports on an article  led by QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute reseachers recommending  that in Brisbane we should be applying sunscreen every day of the year.

We probably get more incidental sun than we realise and it all adds up to increasing our risk of skin cancers and melanomas. Most days of the year our UV radiation index is above the risk level of 3 .  Where does all this extra sun exposure come from?

  • Driving the car to work
  • Walking to work
  • Waiting for the bus or train
  • Waiting for the kids at school
  • Hanging out the washing
  • Putting the shopping in the car at the shops
  • Through the office window
  • Some of us be office-based and make frequent trips in and out of the sun – e.g. builders, engineers, loading dock supervisors, couriers

The advice is to apply sunscreen each morning as part of our daily routine. We may then need to re-apply later in the day – eg lunchtime, before the trip home or to the school to pick up the children.

It is never too late to start good habits. Previous research has shown that applying sunscreen later in life can still reduce the number of potentially cancerous skin lesions.

See our earlier article on using sunscreen here.

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